7 Key Aspects: A Comprehensive Analysis of ‘Silence’ – The 2016 Movie


The 2016 film ‘Silence’, an artistic masterpiece by Martin Scorsese, has left a lasting impact on movie lovers globally. This Comprehensive Analysis of ‘Silence’ aims to explore the deep narrative, potent symbolism, and intricate themes of the film.

Comprehensive Analysis of 'Silence'

Narrative: An Expedition into Silence

‘Silence’ transports us into a historical expedition set in the 17th century. The plot revolves around two Portuguese Jesuit priests, Sebastian Rodrigues and Francisco Garupe, brilliantly portrayed by Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver. Their task is to find their tutor, Father Cristóvão Ferreira, played by Liam Neeson, rumored to have abandoned his faith amidst the harsh oppression of Christians in Japan.

Character Analysis: Depicting Faith and Skepticism

The film’s strength lies in the nuanced depiction of its characters. Both Rodrigues and Garupe represent different facets of faith: Rodrigues battles skepticism while holding onto his firm belief in his mission, whereas Garupe’s faith ultimately gives in to hopelessness.

Exploring Themes: The Battle between Belief and Renunciation

‘Silence’ offers an intriguing exploration of belief and renunciation. The priests’ journey across Japan is laden with danger and ethical quandaries, putting their faith to the test amidst unyielding persecution. The theme of silence is omnipresent, signifying both divine silence in times of suffering and the enforced silence of Christian followers.

Symbols: The Fumi-e and the Rooster’s Call

‘Silence’ utilizes potent symbols to enrich its narrative. The Fumi-e, a representation of Christ that Japanese Christians are coerced to trample on to demonstrate their renunciation, symbolizes the battle between faith and survival. The rooster’s call, echoing Peter’s denial in the New Testament, marks Rodrigues’ final act of renunciation.

Filmmaking Techniques: Crafting the Silence

Scorsese uses diverse filmmaking techniques to engage the audience in the film’s universe. The cinematography portrays the rugged charm and harsh truth of 17th century Japan. The restrained use of music underscores the theme of silence, generating a tense atmosphere of suspense.

Decades of cinematic excellence: Scorsese’s filmography explored

Final Thoughts: The Lasting Influence of ‘Silence’

To sum up, the 2016 film ‘Silence’ acts as a deep exploration of faith under pressure. Its deep narrative, nuanced characters, and potent symbolism weave a cinematic masterpiece that continues to echo with viewers globally.

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