The Paradigm of Popularity: An In-depth Analysis of 2017’s Blockbuster Movies


2017 was unequivocally a year of outstanding creativity in the world of cinematography. The diverse films released not just captivated our imaginations, but also broke box office records, defining a new realm of success in the film industry. This article presents a detailed evaluation and analysis of 2017’s biggest blockbuster movies, breaking down their impact on popular culture and their innovative artistic value.

Prologue: A Cinematic Renaissance

The year 2017 birthed a cinematic renaissance, an era that profound the dynamic nature of storytelling. Each blockbuster movie that emanated in this period seemed to re-affirm this creative explosion, redefining the paradigms of films and creating ripple effects in the entertainment world. From the delicate blend of exceptional storytelling, spectacular narratives, and impeccably fantastic elements, every movie presented a novel movement that drew multitudes into the global theater halls.

Section I: The Pinnacle of Movie Masterpieces

"The Beauty and the Beast" – A Tale as Old as Time

In 2017, Disney’s live-action adaptation of "The Beauty and the Beast" outshone others, encapsulating hearts worldwide with its romantic allure and causing a paradigm shift in the narrative techniques of such classic tales. This movie not only breathed new life into the timeless tale but also pushed visual aesthetics to a whole new plane.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi” – Changing the Galaxy

Then came another epic sequel of the Star Wars franchise, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" which brought a major transformation to the galaxy far away. With bold story developments and thrilling new characters, this sequel left the audience on the edge of their seats.

"Wonder Woman" – The Rise of a Modern Day Heroine

The film industry in 2017 also heralded a new era of female empowerment with “Wonder Woman.” Gal Gadot’s charismatic performance redefined the portrayal of super-heroines on the big screen with charm, wit, and strength, thus leading the way for a more gender-balanced Hollywood.

Section II: The Box-Office Juggernauts of 2017

"Dunkirk" – A Miraculous Evacuation Unveiled

Director Christopher Nolan took us back in time to a pivotal moment in World War II with his gripping war epic, “Dunkirk." This movie was a masterclass in heart-stopping action and stoic heroism, setting the standard for war movies.

"The Boss Baby" – Animation Like Never Before

In the realm of animated movies, "The Boss Baby" became an unexpected hit. The innovative animation style, combined with a humorous and touching story about family dynamics, took the cinema scene by storm.

Section III: Genre-Defining Cinema in 2017

"Get Out" – A Shocking Satire with a Thriller Twist

Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” was a ground-breaking thriller, breaking away from the genre conventions with its extraordinary mix of satire and horror.

"Call Me By Your Name" – Romantic Cinematography at its Peak

The coming-of-age genre got a fantastic addition with "Call Me By Your Name." This sizzling summer romance movie set in Italy was ripe with passion and emotions, brimming with authentic performances.

Conclusion : Reflecting Upon the Immortality of the 2017 Cinema

The aforementioned blockbusters, each different from the other, yet united in their commitment to fantastic storytelling and cinematic excellence, made 2017 an unforgettable year in the film industry. They are not merely movies; they are memories, emotions, and experiences woven into the fabric of our popular culture.

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